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tv   [untitled]    September 8, 2012 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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russia and china lead the way of the asia pacific summit strengthening economic. jump starting the global financial recovery. international paymasters get to work in checking the books as greeks shrug off the government's pitch for more with renewed protests. protesters divide to defy the government excuse me they are hitting the streets once again saying only democratic reforms can cure the country and the police go on with a crackdown in response. unfriends iran calling it the biggest threat to global security all diplomatic ties some experts believe the u.s.
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is. worldwide live from the heart of moscow with me. top economic movers are from the east and the west are gathered at the apec summit in russia's far east the aim of spurring global growth with traditional powers like the u.s. and europe in steady decline pacific countries feel it's up to them to pick up the task of recovery reporting with the latest. president who said that right now the global economy has reached a critical point and in order to ensure stability and prosperity china is ready to take on that role of the power locomotive to pull the world the global
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economy out of this crisis so it's really no surprise that russia is looking increasingly more and more towards its close neighbor and the moscow and beijing seem to agree on a lot of matters and not just in matters concerning the economy but also concerning politics as well and now of course russia has a lot to offer to china and china is ready and willing to receive whatever russia has to offer of course we can expect the united states to be somewhat worried about china which it probably sees as its main rival as some have suggested but of course the united states to a geisha is here right now u.s. secretary of state has met with russian foreign minister sergei lavrov bright and early this morning they were discussing again not just economic matters a but political as well they talked about syria's foreign minister said that russia has expressed its dissatisfaction with the fact that as syria gets continuously appointed with sanctions and he talked about the pointlessness of such sanctions
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president obama sent his regards and apologies saying that he couldn't be here if the united states right now is in the midst of its pre-election republican contender for the presidential post mitt romney has expressed his opinion that russia is united states geopolitical enemy number one president obama doesn't seem to share that if you point saying that it is sort of a leftover from the cold war era type of thinking and the president put in. an exclusive interview ahead of the summit that say he's willing to work with whichever candidate wins the upcoming presidential elections in the united states but he did pay some compliments to president obama feeling is that he is a sense that he sincerely wants to implement change. but can he do it will they let him do it i mean that there is also the military lobby and the department of state which is quite conservative as for mr romney's position we understand that this is to a certain extent motivated by election campaign rhetoric but i also think that he was
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on his sleeve wrong because such behavior in the international arena is the same as using nationalism and segregation as tools of u.s. domestic policy if you will course watch the full version of this interview on art you are not going to be reporting right now the u.s. itself made russia turn east by failing to cooperate and that's according to the editor in chief of the business new europe magazine. the idea is there you know the fast growing economies of the world are increasing linking up i mean they formalized politically with the break your organization has gone from a marketing and acronym to actually a political organization and here we're getting a pick and they're getting down to the business of you know working out which roads need to be built where the railways have to go in which kids are going to go where this is going to you know you put a road down that's a permanent change and the trade will flow not so there is definitely
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a change in politics starting from about two thousand and four where russia was disappointed with the reception it was getting from the from the west europe and america in particular going up to putin's famous speech in two thousand and seven where he called the west to account and said cooperate or we'll turn our back on you and i think this conference actually marks the point where they begin to turn their back and pay much more attention they're talking about increasing trade the russians with asia five fold and one america is only talking about doubling trade with russia since it is seated. and so clearly building what putin's been calling eurasia economic union has gone to the top of the russian policy agenda and that's russia asia led by china of course and that's where all the effort is going. now all of you or all of you have missed from the summit as well as detailed analysis is lined out for you right now just a click away at r.t. dot com for example of a lot of words said on the site to see we check this out that we've got
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a spectacular laser fireworks show put on for you it was put there for the movers and shakers before you can watch the spectacular footage on our web site. if you're watching our t.v. painful unjust and even unfair but nevertheless necessary for the greek prime minister antonis samaras has made his pitch for the latest dan one of the harshest yet austerity package it's set to come into force speaking in a thessalonica nation's second largest city the prime minister went on to say that the cuts were compulsory if greece is to stay in the eurozone but not everybody's agreeing with thousands gathering to protest against the austerity package they're upset that the package targets some of the country's most vulnerable including pensioners and low income workers and those on state benefits from more now on the situation in greece so we can speak to william dartmouth for m.e.p. from the u.k.
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independence party now joining us live here on the very good to see you today thanks very much for coming on the program as i'm sure you are listening the prime minister himself admitting this latest round of austerity is both unfair and painful to the public but he maintains though that it is necessary from a from a political point of view can he sell this message. well i mean i'm not the sort of expert on the my new shy of of the greek greek politics but i i would have sermons that many many people in greece will feel will feel that greece has has suffered enough already from being in the euro. and what is it that they're really being offered they're just being offered more of the same it's another dead end. to a. leading to nowhere and already the greek economy has contract by almost ten percent since the crisis began i mean how much more to going to contract i mean
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the fact of the matter is that the political establishment in these countries always tends to be in favor of more of more europe more more more more euro and the people are basically against it because it's because it is actually known not in their not in their interest why but why as you say other politicians are always saying you know more you're there so supportive of the eurozone is it is it an issue perhaps of the politicians being involved of they don't want to have a failure on their watch yes i think there's an element of that but i mean many many european politicians have have spent. the whole political lives i mean privacy of their entire lives advocating more and more european advocating united states of you or i mean we i mean we have something our country nick clegg who tells that who's who's the who sadly is the deputy deputy prime is all of the united kingdom and he's fed federalist liberal democrat party are actually in politics and they
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keep on advocating more and more more the same although the evidence is absolutely crystal clear that it isn't working it doesn't work that what we're watching is a slow slow motion train crash which also could endanger the entire world economy it would seem that the people are aware of this certainly in greece we see we're seeing now renewed protests i mean i can't even imagine how many months if not years i've been reporting on the story of more austerity measures in greece and more protests as well do you think that when it comes to the issue of greece now having to stomach another bailout more austerity measures do you think the benefits of staying in the eurozone are so outstandingly good that the greek prime minister must put the greeks through more more of this austerity. well i mean i certainly don't think so. the only the only thing i will say about greece is that it is it is of course at one level or the cradle of democracy at another level or it is. it is surrounded by countries which actually aren't in the european union it's
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very close to turkey which is not a european country and. there is a slight feeling as i understand it in greece or need to strengthen. in greece that the staying in the euro anchor in europe and not and not and not somewhere else but i mean the the price that the greek people. have paid are having to pay when you look. in the future medical system the education system the pension as well it's all taking a beating here but now the european central bank has begun to intervene and buy up government bonds to prop up the struggling euro zone states so what are your thoughts on that move. well i mean that this is their last last throw really i should make the point that back in two thousand and ten. the the europe the european central bank spent nearly seven hundred billion euros buying
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greek greek forms which did push down the interest rates down for about a week. didn't didn't work thereafter and my prediction for what it's worth is that it won't work in the medium or long term this time either i mean they have a point there's a huge problem with spain there's a huge problem with this one and also the conditions which the european central bank are seeking to impose on countries participating are such that. they're very independence is under threat when dartmouth m.e.p. from the u.k. independence party thanks so much for coming on r.t. today. thank you. i know with finances across the e.u. firmly in the doldrums to many once prosperous companies are having to trim the fat but it's certainly a lot easier said than done with migrant workers flooding the job market across the
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block working harder longer and cheaper finding favor among customers and envy from those they force out artists or are silly reports. well we're here at a construction site where all the workers as well as the owners of the construction company are from poland belgium is seeing an influx of foreign workers from other countries and more often than not these workers left the belgian counterparts in the emberg for example a province in flanders which has a significant construction sector thirty eight percent of all companies have lost bids to foreign firms ninety percent of them expect to lose bits in the future and this is prompted fears that in the coming months one in five companies will have to lay people off setting prices that are too low what we can call wage dumping people need to work but if that work is going to other companies then we will lose a lot of jobs in the. local firm say they're also losing out when it comes to speed
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of delivery our building sectors have lead you know. to do good for strict working new rules but if you look at the foreign companies people work ten twelve thirteen fourteen hours a day six days out of seven that of course for delivery speed of your project is a huge advantage and more belgian clients are opting to try their services base people are much more flexible so that's that's why we try it and it was it was a success europe's debt crisis has dealt a massive blow to a sector that employs up to sixteen million e.u. citizens and with no clear signs of the tough times letting up tension is brewing especially when local firms feel they're getting the short end of the stick on their own turf tesser cilia r.t. antwerp in belgium. and r.t. is coming to life in the heart of moscow are still on the way for you in this program a matter of taste. for the economic conference seen in the cows are labeled organic
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regular people in new york wearing it on the debate surrounding the labels on genetically modified products. plus other more and more jobs are created online the freelance boom in india employees offices both there and in the west but very very different reasons. now after a twenty hour battle for syria's largest city of aleppo the government forces have managed to push the rebels out of the hundred no military base as soldiers have destroyed six military vehicles the free syrian army troops have been stuffing with captured weapons i want army officials believe they threw themselves into the fierce offensive at the base because they were running out of bullets and guns and all of this some u.s. senators intensified calls for the arming of syrian rebels and intervention but president of the arab lawyers association. things western nations are sacrificing
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the syrian people for their own political goals. western powers have gone where you beyond what was acceptable even and the questionable matter of trying to. interfere in internal affairs of countries under the pretext of human rights protection of civilians the western powers are stopping the civilian population stopping the revolution from actually coming to terms with the government but what they are doing at the present moment is putting a veto on anybody discussing with the government under the idea that you cannot work with the people whose hands are full of blood well we did exactly the same thing in britain when we called on the ira to speak with the government at the end of the day the western powers work to change the existing regimes because that regime. the only one that is left that is not west. britain america
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and the countries that. are willing to sacrifice the population of syria you know wanted to achieve that objective of changing their regime. or from syria now to back rain where riot police once again resorted to tear gas and stun grenades to disperse the latest on authorized demonstration dozens of people ignored the government's ban and took to the streets demanding the release of prisoners of conscience bahrain has been witnessing constant protests since the end of august or the latest true states court decision to uphold the guilty verdict opposition activists accused of plotting to overthrow the government patrick henningsen who's a geo political analyst for the u.k. colum website thinks it'll take a lot more to break the protest movement but the problem in bahrain is this is an actual democratic reform movement this is a real arab spring movement this isn't like the kind of fake spring that you saw in egypt this has been brewing and boiling over for over one year now but yet it's
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been more or less not commented on at all in the global mainstream corporate media and some of the state run media organizations like the b.b.c. so i think it's obvious why rain is hosting the u.s. fifth naval fleet bahrain is in absolutely the most key position in the straits of hormuz so the existence and maintenance of the u.s. using bahrain as their chief outpost is of excellent strategic importance and they will not negotiate they will not tolerate a democratic uprising in bahrain where they could make an unstable leadership they need is an outpost for western imperialism. we can follow the story and many others are online let's have a look and see what else is a standby for you right now at r.t. dot com. awards not. startling many the latest shocking move is a branding campaign using the holocaust imagery to advertise slimming pills or
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something else can find out on our website. to bridge the culture gap struggling to scale down cases of friendly fire and nato issues a guide to the afghan national army see what it's all about. thanks for joining us here on r.t. today has expelled all iranian diplomats from the country and even closed its embassy in tehran pushing relations between the nations to crisis point to a declared iran a state sponsor of terrorism claiming its nuclear plans on stance towards syria are unacceptable tehran didn't pull any punches either as they responded with promises
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of retaliation. is being manipulated michel chossudovsky the director for the center for research on globalization based in montreal agrees that canada wasn't the one making the calls here. this is a high only statement at moments. really also very serious this is because it closes down communication it isolates iran it's taking diplomacy and it is creating you can't avoid that lomas the so to speak this is what until you can in our life take it in washington cannibalism in much of the united states we have an integration of the military between the two countries there's consultation in foreign policy it's well known that the harper government merely more or less follows in the footsteps of washington and i think that they wanted to put science leak out of the first step now it's interesting to say the least that when the foreign minister there made the statements he also said well
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there are no reports of on one actual attack on iran everybody is talking about an attack on iran israel is talking about it not bombers talking about it it's part of the election campaign it's an act of it's a recognition it's very unfortunate because we have to maintain dialogue with countries and build peace rather than create conditions which could lead to you know to a military accidents you know just a moment here an r.t. will get to the world update for an hour though when the developed economies stall and shrink the effect is felt across the globe but one of man's law says another man's gain or professionals in the west lose their jobs to cost cutting in india highly skilled tech workers find themselves in increasing demand for freelance work online pressure to take a look at those who benefit from outsourcing. it's the middle of the day and while most of his peers are out and about working nine to five in the corporate world
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twenty nine year old buck she is sitting at his workstation in the comfort of his bedroom i haven't they would have the job it would go to off in one to six i'm not a. bonus and so i'm pretty much doing it on my own when i work from home. i'm feeling less productive what i need some inspiration for writing i would go to a coffee house a self professed tech nerd but she graduated with high marks and has four years of work experience at microsoft under his belt well he may have had his pick of cushy jobs buc she chose to become a freelancer and is now working online on short term branding campaigns for multiple clients around the world such as american express his part of a growing trend of people who are moving their work out of the office and online studies show that one third of the global workforce will be hired online by two thousand and twenty and it seems like boxing is the hot commodity experts say that one third of the freelance projects from around the world are being completed by
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people here in india they say it's not just about hiring workers for lower wages they also believe that indians are extremely competitive when it comes to getting white collar jobs the internet has created a level playing field and now indians like buck she are being chosen to work for major international companies but there are. exceptions. what i would call situational. understanding of us or cations and cultural norms it's a matter of pride for many indians who believe that the country can be known for more than just outsourcing call centers and manufacturing a time new image in the our quit his full time job last year to develop digital databases for european university. a good workers. who go to good
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schools in the south probably good causes and people are. more educated most skilled in different areas and sometimes more technicalities much in their specialized skills and digitization has made him highly sought after and he's now earning twice as much as he did when he worked full time he believes that india's economy will prosper as freelancing becomes more widespread economy would be stronger because it made the people who are more money but while the popularity of freelancing might be good news for people in the east it is causing some concern for a highly skilled workers in the west a friend of mine actually that that people are going to get laid off soon after her husband's company because they're looking outsourced think that it makes economic sense to take here and to invest in the place where you live and work and ultimately that's likely to benefit you i think the u.s. government and the american people need to think for themselves about how they can
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make themselves more attractive or work for any company leaving them there. for all the shit bucks she freelancing allows him to focus on his work for free and so you just get the job done and before the designated as the nation with the highest number of freelancers the indian labor force is using its skills and education to give workers around the world a run for their money preassure either r t new delhi india. ok now time for the r.t. world update and i will start with washington designating the pentagon based on the network as a terrorist organization by the movement criticism in islamabad by senior officials say it would undermine peace efforts in afghanistan and strain u.s. pakistani. the insurgent group is said to be active in afghanistan and has been blamed for a number of attacks on american troops. came to prominence in the one nine hundred eighty s. when it was funded and hailed as freedom fighters by the cia. egyptian forces
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report success in shutting down thirty one of over two hundred smuggling tunnels in the sinai peninsula there used to be goods into the gaza strip blockaded by israel and cairo had previously turned a blind eye lately though it's feared local militants are using the tunnels to smuggle weapons israel which neighbors sinai is worried about egypt's massive military presence there and is considering closing its border. in northern mexico police have uncovered a massive cache of illegal weapons in a house after a boy who lived there took a gun to school other finding clue to the assault rifles pistols bulletproof vests and over thirteen thousand rounds of ammunition including those capable of piercing police sama or two armored vehicles were also converse and a woman thought to be the boy's mother was arrested. now genetically modified foods
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touted by producers as an answer to the hunger risk facing the world's booming population but there's a battle between consumer groups are raising the alarm about possible health hazards and food producers resisting attempts to force them to label their products so the resident went to gauge the opinion in new york. more than forty countries around the world has mandated g.m.o. labeling on food products but not in the u.s. is it fair to consumers to not have that information this week let's talk about that you would like to see the labels that absolutely why do you think we don't have them here oh i have a big conspiracy theorists and i'm sure that like the government you know because they're getting paid by the pharmaceutical companies that own the g.m. most of they don't it's all that's what i think it comes down to money like everything out right exactly and it's all about big corporations making the seeds that are genetically modified i don't know i mean i'll go to daughter who's really
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really particular about what she eats where it goes no i mean i guess in our generation we do see what it has been there it is it a younger generation concern is i think cite a lot of people say there's no direct link to it in terms of what it does to your how but then again they said that about smoking two decades this is true i mean they do a listing greens in a way whether they're good for you or not so maybe they should put on their things should be labeled the consumer should know their place well you get a good meal or get it made oh wait what do you do put a barcode on that's not going to read it right oh and the other thing are people going to pay attention and care anyway right the price being someone that works in retail with food on the shelf you know you read those labels and you don't trust them i don't trust any labels but you know what organic labels. you know some of them i do just because they're a little healthier but regardless like organic milk it comes from same cow the cows are labeled organic regular you know they're not
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a lot of people say there's no low evidence that g m o's are bad for your health. so but when it's on the label you can decide if you want to eat it or not so i think that's the difference if you think that somehow we are not. so it makes no sands you can buy it whether or not you think it's fair for a company to not have the label for g.m.o. information the bottom line is that if you live in the united states you're probably ingesting a lot of g.m.o. food whether you like it or not. the spotlight is just moments away here on our two year the focus of spotlight today being that of the ongoing apec summit in of light of boston they'll be right after a recap of the headlines in just a second.
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